Kristian Knorr
Cand.aarch MAA

+45 8161 6282

Li.     In.    Pi.

I design socially and materially regenerative architecture – optimizing space and function with the resources available. Using extensive research and interdisciplinary teamwork as cornerstones I eagerly face the complexity of designing the built environment of tomorrow. I am wholeheartedly committed to having a positive impact on the people I encounter and the planet we share.


I am currently doing freelance architecture for a small number of clients and always up for a new challenge.


Aarhus School of Architecture

Master of Architecture, Sustainability, 2020

Bachelor of Architecture, Sustainability, 2017


University of Strathclyde

5th Semester B.Arch Exchange, 2017


HTX Silkeborg

Graduate in Construction and Architecture, 2013




VOLA Travel Grant

Project Award, 2020


Behavioral Architecture Exchange Award

Competition Award, 2017


Jyske Bank: City of the Smiles Award

Project award, 2016


Finalist @ MADE by the Opera House 2019

Finalist @ Sustainable Concrete Idea 2019



Guide to Sustainable Building Certifications

GXN and SBi, 2018



KÅRK No36: Post Human

KÅRK, 2019



Mikael Hansen, 2015


Team mentions

UN17 Village