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Terrain Trench Hostel

AAA, Aarhus, Architecture, Forest, Hostel, Terrain
Architecture Project

The hostel is a concept design located within a trench in the Danish terrain to the south of Årslev Engsø near Aarhus. The hostel is designed as a liveable extension of the trench without interfering with the spatial qualities the terrain and forest provides.

The Hostel targets active users of the area traveling by foot or bike from Aarhus into Jutland, or from inner Jutland to Aarhus. The Village-like design gives the users the ability to easily join social activities in the centre of the trench or relax in their own huts.

Being partially dug into the side of the trench, the buildings resemble part a solid cave-like structure and part a light tent-like structure. A strip of matt glass divides the change in structure and provides light into the bottom of the building mass. At night light flows out of the glass displaying life and activity.

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The Hostel in numbers:

Capacity: 18 people in 7 huts

Public buildings: Reception/Workshop, Cantina, Bathroom, Restroom

Total size: 183 m2

Distance to Aarhus: 10 km