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2016, Aarch, Bar, Rustur, Space, Thorlak Solberg
Architecture Project

Each year selected students from Aarhus School of Architecture arranges and host the introduction week (Rustur) for the coming 1st-year students. In 2016 Thorlak Solberg and I was the Bar managers. We designed an outdoor Spacebar in the Universe theme of the 2016 Rustur.


The Bar is inspired by designs of moon and mars settlements, which uses hexagons and octagons for minimum surface area per volume. Behind the bar counter is a built-in DJ podium and a point-system to track the performance of the different 1st-year teams in the friendly competitions.


The 60+ m2 roof stood up against the elements as the biggest roof ever build for the Schools Rustur – and kept well below budget. The bar was afterward shipped back to the school and was reused to avoid material waste.