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Polyhedron Elephant

ArkiBal, ElefantBar, Elephant, Wood
Design Project

In February 2017 “ElefantBar” (an Arkibal event) filled up the biggest event center in Aarhus, Train – This time with over 2000 people. I was in responsible for construing the main entrance elephant together with 6 other students at AAA.


A polyhedron structure was the genesis of the project and wood (MDF) was chosen for the build after a series of structural test with other weaker materials. My role in the project was primarily in start and end phases. I was involved in designing the overall structure, Laser-cutting the CAD drawings and building elephant itself.



The Polyhedron Elephant is exactly 2 m high where its front shoulders meet. It consists of 412 surfaces offset by 2 cm to allow light trough. These surfaces are connected by 638 joints making the elephant a 1000+ piece 3D jigsaw puzzle. The elephant contains an internal skeleton for extra structural stability and 6 LED lights.


The elephant was well complimented before the event even began and was sold to the festival North side – To whom it was delivered to after the event.