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Guide to Sustainable Building Certifications

Insights Project

Guide to Sustainable Building Certifications is a public domain publication for actors in the Danish building industry. It presents a comprehensive analysis and comparison of ten relevant sustainable building certifications in a visual and accessible manner, to enable strategic comparison and assessment. This guide is a collaboration between the Danish Building Research Institute (SBi) and GXN.


I joined the project in its early stages and came to be one of the leading figures behind it – involved in the creation and editing of all text and data represented. During the 4 months up to its release, I was responsible for the day to day discussions with SBi and general progression of the project in an everchanging team. The teamwork between building researchers and architects is the sole reason why this book came to represent the certifications in a scientifically precise manner with practical insights – both in a clean graphical expression.


The guide is sponsored by Realdania and The Dreyer Foundation. Download the pdf here


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