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Govan Binnacle

Glasgow, Govan, Scotland, Start-Up Incubator, Strathclyde University
Architecture Project

Govan Binnacle is a start-up incubator located in the heart of the former shipbuilding city Govan. The building aims to restore economic order to the city by amplifying the creative power of the local entrepreneurs. It houses 150-200 entrepreneurs at a time.


The buildings division into a crafty production, a technological production and a central connection can be compared to the thoughts in Fritz Langs 1927 movie “Metropolis”. In the movie, Chaos arises due to a lack of connection between the cognitive and physical worker.


“The mediator between head and hands must be the heart.”

                                                                            – Metropolis, 1927

The programme of the central space consists of 5 major functions: The meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, café, exhibition and reception. Besides the major functions, the space also contains minor less tangible experiences such as exploration, stay and transport. The major functions have been placed in relation to their primary users.