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Evil Elephant Establishment

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Design Project

Evil Elephant Establishment is the ELEFANTBAR ’16 PR-concept created by myself and 3 other students from Aarhus School of Architecture.


ELEFANTBAR is an annual celebratory event in Aarhus arranged by ArkiBAL. The event started in the 70’s to celebrate the Elephant Beer and has been annually growing ever since. Today about 2000 people attend, limited by the size of the venue, and the event reaches more than 150.000 people on Facebook alone. Read more about the event here (in Danish)

We discovered our evil graphical expression within a side project: creating a wearable evil elephant mask. (Unfortunately, the mask were not completed due to time and budget limitations.)

I played a leading role in the project as the other students had limited PR experience. My responsibilities in content creation included the graphical expression (Logo, A1 posters, business cards etc.) video creation, web design, and public relations through our event page on Facebook.


Tap into the different PR contents of the project below.

Graphic Design


The logo mixes the skin of real elephant in a geometric red elephant head.


The poster was made to display the logo with minimum disturbance and direct the user to the lineup and website.

Business Cards

A small representation of the graphical expression from the poster.


We gave the tickets a fresh touch by cutting the edges. On the left side, the cuts follow the shape of the logo and a reversed cut on the right side allows a watermarking of the ticket number – making them harder to copy.

Web Design – Before the event

We created ELEFANTBAR’s to greet people, get them interested and direct them to the Facebook event page. Earlier attempts to create this effect has included QR codes and hashtags – which cannot do anything more than directly redirect. – After the event

After the event people want to see videos and photos, and by all chance that will happen on Facebook for the majority. So even though the website shows video and photos that is not its main purpose. Its current purpose is to gain points on Google search index so it will be at the top when searching for ELEFANTBAR next year and also to show the people that do stumble upon how they can see the rest of the content.

Video Content


We wanted our first video to be a tale of evil elephants – so we found a great voice actor to tell the terrifying story of the elephants.


The Lineup video was released after some of the artists had already been mentioned on the event page. The goal of the video was therefore primarily to gather all artist in one post – making it easily shareable on Facebook.

Build up

This video was released 7 hours prior to the event start. The goal of the video was to capture the fun we had building the decorations to reflect the fun people should expect at the party.

Event Video

The event video was to show the success of the event. Making people who did no go regret it and come the next year – the videos actual purpose was not to brand ELEFANTBAR ’16 but to make people look forward to ELEFANTBAR ’17.

Social Media


A month before the event every member of ArkiBAL changed their profile picture to the gif on the left. During that time we also started decreasing the time between post on the event page to keep it updated and interesting for the participants. See the event page here:


We created the hashtag #elefantbar16 which besides being used before the event by us, was also used by participants during and after the evening.