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Circle House Exhibition

Insights Project

Circle House project consists of 60 general housing units in Lisbjerg outside Aarhus, which is expected to be completed in 2020. In addition to serving as housing, Circle House is a scalable demonstration project that can give the building industry new knowledge about circular construction.


To raise awareness for the project, discover new collaboration partners and investigate circular building systems GXN created the circular exhibition. I was a graphically and physically responsible for the exhibition in a team of three architects from GXN and five students from KADK. I further managed the day-to-day discussions and content creation of a quarter of the exhibition. The five KADK students created the majority of the content and acted as a strong team on delivering key insights for the team and the project.


After printing and constructing the exhibition for the first time at Building Green – Copenhagen 2017 I became responsible for its continued development, maintenance and logistics.


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