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A Food House

Aarch, Craft, Frank Erichsen, Handar, Revn, Vernacular, Workshop
Architecture Project

This outdoor experimental kitchen is the result of a workshop in vernacular materials and crafts in spring 2016. It also resulted in the publication Handcraft – A Food House. The workshop took place at Handar, a new school for handicraft and vernacular materials in Djursland, which is run by Frank Erichsen.


As a student within a bigger team, my main design touches on the structure was the curvature of the entrance, interior placement of ovens and the actual calculation of the corner rafters. In the building process, I mainly worked with the bricks, rafters, and thatching.


Unfortunately, we did not finish the house before the termination of the workshop, but after returning with 3 other students 3 weeks later we managed to get the roof structure completed.



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