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Phenomena of Perception

Phenomena of Perception

Resume of  “Phenomena of Perception” by Pierre von Meiss

Pierre von Meiss, PvM, account for the perception of especially architecture. All senses help us perceive our world – even though visual and kinaesthetic inputs tend to aid our interpretation the greatest. According to PvM, we tend to experience what we expect because we perceive it subjectively. “It is not the voice that commands the story: it is the ear” – Michel Serres.

Architecture may be perceived in many contrasting ways. In a certain context, architecture can play a secondary role or be the masterpiece in itself. No matter what aspect it represents, or what figures it may depict, architecture will always be experienced through the human filter of memory and intelligence – making it perceived rather than seen.

PvM concludes it is our duty as architects to use our enhanced perception of space to construct the trough thought structures that others may only be able to perceive at an unconscious level.

Finally, PvM explains the human arousal for the rather complex structures.

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